About Our Orchestra

As the Orchestra of Hiroshima
Beyond the 52nd Anniversary

Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra (HSO) started as 'Hiroshima Civic Symphony Orchestra' in 1963. The orchestra was renamed the current name in 1970. Since becoming a professional orchestra in 1972, HSO is trying to send the peace message by music,as the Orchestra of Hiroshima, the International Peace Memorial City.

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Peace Concert

'Music for Peace' with great
artists, with regards of

HSO has many concerts to be longing for peace.
Especially, 'Evening for Peace Concert' is held around August 6th, the date of the atomic bomb was dropped, and many great artists who approve of 'Music for Peace', the theme of HSO, are joining the concert.
In 2015,the seven decades after the end of the World War II, Martha Argerich, one of the superlative pianist appeared at Hiroshima on Aug.5 and Tokyo on Aug. 11. After the concerts, She become HSO's 'Peace and Music Ambassador'.

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Subscription Concert

Pursuit of artistry and
Contribution to regional culture

HSO has been active in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions of Japan, and been providing high-quality classical music for people in the area by almost 140 concerts and activities, including 10 subscription concerts with various artists and unique programs.

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Fostering Young People

Inheriting Musical Literacy

Many concerts including workshops for children are available by HSO. Our predecessors have created opportunity for people to touch the music to get over the tragedy and sufferings by the War.
HSO must take the cultural inheritance over the next generation.


Besides, many ensembles are

Musicians of HSO are having small ensemble works too and the audiences of the region are enjoying various style of music and familiar with the musicians more.

To Overseas

Musical Delegate with
the Message from Hiroshima

HSO has visited many cities in the world to carry the message of Hiroshima.
Making companionship with foreign people by music is the one of the best way to communicate friendly to overcome any barriers, we believe.

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Rouen and Le Havre; France
St .Petersburg;Russia
Daegu and Busan and Seoul;South Korea.