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Donation System

What is the Donation System?
The Donation System has been created to give concrete shape to your desire to support young people with dreams. Your donation is used to reserve a seat for a Subscription Concert appreciation member, to which mainly young people who aim to become musicians are invited. Through your donation, you can directly support them to realize their dreams.
All clerical work, including the selection of seats and the invitation of people, is conducted by the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra Secretariat. The membership fee is classified as a donation to a public service corporation, and members are given tax incentives.

(Reference) In FY 2018, we invited students specializing in music at Elisabeth University of Music, Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen University, and Hiroshima University.
Membership fee
37,500 yen/seat (top-grade seat) or 33,500 yen/seat (second-grade seat)
* Seats are selected by the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra Secretariat.
(Membership is effective for one year from the month that you join.)
  • Members can be given tax incentives.
  • Reports from those who have received a donation and the programs of Subscription Concerts are sent to members.
  • The names of members are listed on the programs of Subscription Concerts. (anonymity allowed)
Applications are accepted anytime, regardless of whether the membership is individual or corporate.
For more information, please contact the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra Secretariat.
+82-532-3080 (Office hours: 9:00-17:20)


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