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Hirokyo Vending Machine with Donation

What is a Hirokyo Vending Machine with Donation?
Hirokyo Vending Machine with Donation Donators are asked to install a vending machine (limited to expanded or newly installed vending machines) and donate part of the vending machine commissions, paid to the site owner according to the sales amount, to HSO, thereby supporting the activities of HSO.

Results in FY 2012 83 units; Approximately 4,300,000 yen
When a vending machine is installed, no cost burden is imposed on the site owner. Although electricity costs for the vending machine should be borne by the site owner, they are usually covered by vending machine commissions paid according to the sales amount. (Depending on the sales amount, electricity costs may not be covered by vending machine commissions.)
  • The operation and management of the vending machine and the payment of donations to HSO are conducted by the relevant beverage sales company.
  • There are three beverage sales companies offering this service: Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd., Coca-Cola (Japan) Co., Ltd., and Yakult Honsha Co., Ltd.
  • A display showing that the relevant vending machine is a Hirokyo Vending Machine with Donation is attached to the machine by the beverage sales company.

Applications are accepted anytime, regardless of whether the membership is individual or corporate.
For detailed information, the staff of a beverage sales company designated by the site owner will visit to give an explanation. First, please contact the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra Secretariat.


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