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Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra

The Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra is a professional orchestra based in Hiroshima, the international city of peace and culture, and active under the catchphrase “Music for Peace”. Since 2017, Tatsuya Shimono has served as the General Music Director for the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra. In 1963, the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra was established as the Hiroshima Civic Symphony Orchestra, which subsequently changed to the current name in 1970, and was then reorganized as a professional orchestra in 1972. The Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra is known as “Hirokyo”, and is one of the leading orchestras in the Chugoku and Shikoku regions.


“Music for Peace”, seeking peace through music.
The Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra sends prayers and wishes of peace through music as the professional orchestra of the international city of culture and peace, Hiroshima.


The orchestra’s logo features the motif of a pigeon which is the symbol of peace. The color theme of the logo is the same vermilion as the large Torii (gateway at the entrance to a Shinto shrine) on Miyajima island, a World Heritage Site, and the orange of the autumn leaves of the maple tree, which is the symbolic tree of Hiroshima Prefecture. The wings of the pigeon are formed from the shapes of “HSO”, which stand for the “H”iroshima “S”ymphony “O”rchestra.

Logo design by Kazuhiro Yamasaki, Loco Grafix Department.

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Contributions for Peace

The Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra, with the city’s name appearing in the title of the orchestra, was nurtured in the first city to have suffered an atomic attack, and by continuing to send a message of peace through our musical performances contributes to world peace.

Main Activities

Contributions for Peace Contributions for Peace

Community-Based Orchestra

The goal of the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra is to become an orchestra which everyone in the region will love and take pride in, by promoting music culture, contributing to regional cultural development, and making social contributions.

Main Activities

Community-Based Orchestra Community-Based Orchestra

World-Class Orchestra

The Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra desires to become an orchestra with solid individuality based on a world-class standard of performance and music with a message of peace.

Main Activities

World-Class Orchestra World-Class Orchestra