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Music Sprout Project

Music-based Hiroshima Culture Shaping Program
Aiming to achieve one of our visions, that of becoming a Community-based Orchestra, we will continue to engage in various regional culture promotion and social contribution activities that we have thus far been involved in, under the Music Sprout Project. We firmly believe that we can help music sprouts flower vigorously and help to build a more enriched community by continuing these activities for many years to come. We would appreciate it if you would become an individual supporting member or sub-supporting member, thereby contributing to the local community through HSO.
Orchestral Music Appreciation Classes
We visit schools and local halls to deliver performances to students. For children who have few opportunities to visit a concert venue, these classes offer a good opportunity to listen to live orchestral music. These activities have earned a good reputation because such an experience can help them to refine their sensitivity. (For more information, please click here.)
My Town Orchestra HIROKYO
The My Town Orchestra HIROKYO Concert is a touring performance given in the Community Cultural Centers of the eight wards in Hiroshima City from January to March every year. Our performances are enjoyed by a wide range of age groups, including children, as an introduction to orchestral music.
P3 HIROSHIMA (school visit program)
Three professional organizations based in Hiroshima (the Hiroshima Toyo Carp, Sanfrecce Hiroshima FC Co., Ltd., and HSO) work together to engage in regional contribution activities, including school visit programs and fan invitation programs, aiming to invigorate and revitalize the local community. (For more information, please click here.)
Recruitment of donator members who support the activities of HSO
The Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra (HSO) is engaged in various activities, aiming to cultivate a wide range of sensibilities of children and promote and develop music culture in the local community. We are recruiting individual supporting members and sub-supporting members who support our activities. We are looking forward to your support.


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