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Kazukiyo Inoue / Honorary Founding Conductor
Kazukiyo Inoue, Honorary Founding Conductor
Born in Hiroshima in 1933, Kazukiyo Inoue graduated from the Department of Musicology, Tokyo University of the Arts. He studied composition theory under Komei Abe, piano under Hisako Endo and Hisako Hasegawa, and conducting under Shinichi Takata, Tsunesada Tachibana, and Arvid Jansons.
In 1961, Inoue conducted Variations for Orchestra and Symphony No. 2 with the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra. He also conducted many operas. In 1969, he participated in the East Germany International Music Academy and the international music academy held in Salzburg, Austria.
In 1964, Inoue participated in the establishment of the Hiroshima Civic Symphony Orchestra, the predecessor of the present Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra, and assumed office as the first Permanent Conductor. The Hiroshima Civic Symphony Orchestra changed its name to the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra in 1970 and was reorganized into a professional orchestra in 1972, to which he made a significant contribution. Taking office as the second Music Director and Permanent Conductor in 1984, he contributed to bringing Akeo Watanabe to the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra. He led the orchestra, conducting the most number of Subscription Concerts during the period when the 1st through 72nd Subscription Concerts were held.
As Permanent Conductor of the Hiroshima Academy Orchestra led by Kouji Harada (Professor Emeritus of Hiroshima University), Inoue conducted all concerts held from October 1973 to May 2006, thus contributing to the development of music and art in Hiroshima. He won the 65th Chugoku Culture Award in 2008 and Commendation for Contributors to Regional Culture in Hiroshima Prefecture in 2009.
Currently serving as Honorary Founding Conductor of the Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra; Former President and Professor at Elisabeth University of Music


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